The funny times I had in Queensland

Bethany and I had lots of funny times in Queensland but theres one that will always be a memory, it was when I got stuck in a water slide. We were at ‘wet ‘n’ wild’ and there was this new water slide that had this big loop that you go around, its called the ‘Aqualoop’. The reason that I got stuck was because I didn’t keep my position that I was meant to hold when I went down. I went down the slide soo fast that I forgot what I was meant to be doing, which was crossing my arms and legs, because if you do that you will go a lot faster and you have to go fast to get around the loop. Instead of crossing my arms and legs I put my arms and legs out because I was freaking out so much that I didn’t know what I was doing. They put you in this class cage thing and you have to wait for three seconds and then they press this button that makes the floor that you are standing on disappear , you just drop and you go soo fast, that was when I freaked out. .I screamed so loud that I actually nearly lost my voice. Oh and by the way, I got out fine, it happens all the time so there was an exit thta you just climb out of.

I recommend this slide to anyone because it is really fun!

I had a lot of fu

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